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"O Basófias" came from France and was built especially to sale in the river Mondego, and arrived in Coimbra on September 13th of 1993 with the initiative of a group of local Businessmen.



With a Capital Stock of 350.000 euros, your's shareholders of the most remarkable companies of Coimbra, including the University of Coimbra, the City Council and the Centre Region of Tourism, as well as other single personalities.


OdaBarca – Animação Turística do Mondego, S.A., the company created to supervise "O Basófias", has as the major interest to explore the tourism business, having as its goal to promote social, cultural and sport initiatives.


In July of 2010. OdaBarca innovated again by importing the first Thai Tuk Tuk in Portugal.

The goal of this last attraction is to provide the visitors of Coimbra the opportunity the visit the most remarkable historic spots of the city, in an amusement and relaxing way.

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